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Our External Stakeholders are With You
Understand Change Design the Future!
The Ages of Globalization
Data & AI Webinar: Scale the value of your data
United Nations Global Compact 20th Anniversary Online Leaders Summit
Our Past Events
Le Cordon Bleu Online Gastro Talk
docomomo_tr Modern Interior Spaces in Turkey Symposium
Normalization or Second Wave in the Outbreak of COVID-19?
Epidemic and Society - 'Social Psychology and Being an Individual in the Normalization Process'
Le Cordon Bleu Gastro Talk
Current Developments in Sports Law During the COVID-19 Period
Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Business Law Conference
SEPD: No Boundaries! The Whole World is Your Field of Career. But Are We Ready?
Esra Paça | Awareness in Business Life
Law, Economics, and International Relations in the Post-COVID-19 World
Force Majeure in International Agreements During the COVID Period
SEPD: Leadership in Times of Crisis
Emotional Coping & Supporting Close Relationships during COVID-19
The Relationship of the Pandemic with our Experience
SEPD: Information Sector and Interview Tips in the Time of the Pandemic
Opportunities for A New Food Regime Under the Pandemic Conditions
UN Global Compact's Panel on Pandemic and Human Rights
Space and Place: Apartheid Identity - Denver Mark Hendricks / Interrupted city (online) seminars #19
The Future of Agriculture and Food from the Pandemic to Post-Pandemic Period
Salgın ve Toplum - “Pandemi Döneminde Toplumsal Psikoloji ve Birey Olmak”
Covid-19 and Drug Patents
Teaching Architecture Online: Tools and Strategies
Politics in the Time of Corona
What to Eat and How to Eat at Home
A Meeting of Exchange: Lives in the Time of Corona
Opportunities vs Conundrums for Sustainability: Food Safety
Koronavirüs Salgının Küresel Ekonomiye, Türkiye Ekonomisine ve Finansal Piyasalara Etkisi
Webinar: “A New Me” Free of Anxiety
Webinar: Economy in the Time of Corona